jeudi 13 février 2014

Davos: France is not a lost cause

Europe 1 January 22, 2014
Davos: France is not a lost cause

MY: You Martial
BP: Benoit Potier
MY Hi, Benoit Potier. So we say that Davos 2014, Davos is the recovery, the recovery of a form of renewed optimism. Is that you, you are optimistic?
BP Always. I am always optimistic. So, is that Davos is a renewed optimism? Probably. As against, the nature of the growth especially in the industry is changing. The big question facing us is to know if we will be able to create a world with advanced and sophisticated industry with enough jobs.
MY And you feel about this issue, we are ready or not?
BP My feeling is that we did a lot of things. In Europe we have a starting point which is great. That said, we also have our concerns when planning for example, we see that we fail to engineers in Europe when we have many, many need these skills, particularly in Europe.
And MY France, then back to our concerns us. I want to say here, it is a little forgotten, marginalized view. It is a lost cause, France?
BP No, France is certainly not a lost cause. France is a large country in Europe. We operate with a number of participants here in Davos and I think there was in France a lot of things that are changing. So it is not only what happened there fifteen days, three weeks (announcement François Hollande Pact responsibility). I think there was an awareness that is good for France again if we come to implement what has been announced, we can achieve a win / win.
MY One last word of the United States, they leave but we know thanks to energy costs related to shale gas, it is obviously in the field of Air Liquide since you work too. You are on new technologies including the replacement of pollutants, solvents, gas. You say, when we see the advantage that it is today for the U.S. shale gas, it would still although there also go to France?
BP This test is important. The question is whether we have reservations. If we do not have, the problem is solved. If we have, I think we should know we can.Should also use techniques that are less harmful to the environment possible. There is research that is done. Air Liquide participates in these areas rather than the United States. So I would support what we can do tests on French territory even if it only after we take the time to implement the operation.
You talk about energy. This is obviously an important factor for large companies like ours. There are also new energy. There any discussion of the transition energy in France and we have the ability to bring to market new technologies. What we say, we industrialists, is that we treat the subject in a comprehensive way, we can not impose rules on the environment regardless of industry or energy and must also inject growth . That is to say, it must incorporate all factors and have more comprehensive policies in order to promote the environment for business development

transcription in french by Ed Salenbien, translation Google